Kona fishing charters with Captains Robert and Cyndee Hudson

All successful Hawaii fishing charters start with the Captain. The fish are plentiful in and around Kona, but catching them requires experience. Robert and Cyndee Hudson are the owners of Camelot Sportfishing, and co-captains of the Camelot. Combined, these two Hawaii fishing experts have over 50 years of fishing experience, 30 of which was spent fishing the Kona Coast.

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For the Hudson family, fishing is a family business. Cyndee’s dad was a fishing boat captain, and their son, Christopher, earned his captain’s license in 2014. As a family, the Hudson’s have won countless sportfishing tournaments in Hawaii. This is important because the ability to win tournaments means the captain knows where to find, and how to catch, the biggest fish in the water on any given day, under any conditions.
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