January Meal Plan: Week 2

Pinch of Yum 1/13 10:00P Lindsay
Okay yes, we re here, you re here, we re all making stuff. It s happeniiiiiiing! Off to the races with another week of meal plan/prep and we don t want to get anyone too excited, but there are fries...

Instant Pot Curried Lentil Soup

Minimalist Baker 1/12 9:00P Dana @ Minimalist Baker
Friends, today we have an easy, delicious, plant-based soup to share with you! Adapted from our fan-favorite Curried Potato & Lentil Soup, it keeps all the bold curry flavor but has a creamy twist and...

my favorite lentil salad

Smitten Kitchen 1/12 5:48A deb
My friend Olga makes a lentil salad that nobody can stop eating. Yes, lentils . A salad. I can feel your skepticism through this computer screen (it s my single superpower) but please feel assured...

Millionaire Gnocchi (Red Sauce, Herbed Ricotta, and Golden Crispies)

Pinch of Yum 1/11 10:00P Lindsay
Alert alert alert — the coziest, rich, deeply comforting, easy meets decadent, saucy, stunning, ding dang TREASURE of a dish is here for you. Soft pillowy gnocchi swimming in a delicious and easy red sauce speckled with Italian sausage, dollops...

How To Make Cashew Cream

Minimalist Baker 1/11 9:00P Dana @ Minimalist Baker
We must apologize, friends — we’ve been holding out on you! We’ve used cashew cream for years in everything from soups to pastas to desserts and more, but we’ve never had a recipe dedicated to its...

Keto Cheesecake

i am a food blog 1/10 8:05P Stephanie
This keto cheesecake is creamy, sweet, deeply satisfying, and best of all, under 2 grams of carbs per serving!

Golden Crispies (AKA the Most Fabulous Breadcrumbs You’ll Ever Make)

Pinch of Yum 1/9 10:00P Team Pinch of Yum
It s possible you might be like . do I .do I need a recipe for breadcrumbs? and that answer is: you have no idea how much you need this. Get ready to find yourself sprinkling these magnificent crispies on every single meal from here on out. Need...

The BEST Vegan Garlic Bread

Minimalist Baker 1/9 9:00P Dana @ Minimalist Baker
Garlic bread lovers, we have a surprise for you: The BEST Vegan Garlic Bread is here! We took all our knowledge of garlic bread and gave it the vegan twist. It has all the addictive deliciousness you...

January Meal Plan: Week 1

Pinch of Yum 1/6 10:00P Lindsay
Okay, here we are! It s 2022. ?? New Year, new 365 days of trying to decide what to make for dinner. Listen, hard same, and also we ve got you, we ve got you. This week s 3-2-1 meal plan keeps things...

Simple Green Salad

Pinch of Yum 1/5 10:00P Team Pinch of Yum
Thank you so much, food angels, for reminding us that something as simple as bright spring greens and an incredible homemade maple balsamic dressing can literally save the day over and over and over. Did you get a vegetable on the table with the...

Post-Holiday Coffee Date

Pinch of Yum 1/4 10:00P Lindsay
Hi! HI! *big smile, aggressively waving* Hiii! I m so excited to be here with a COFFEE DATE after a long (too long) hiatus, and I have about a million and one things I want to tell you about. And I m...

Pecan Pie Energy Bites

Pinch of Yum 1/2 10:00P Team Pinch of Yum
Here we are in 2022. WHA? HOW. But also, yes, here we are. And it s clear we re still very much looking for an ease into things. This month we re all about preparedness (#newyear) and ready-grab snacks and not thinking too hard about it all, and...

Golden Matcha Latte (2 Ways!)

Minimalist Baker 1/2 9:00P Dana @ Minimalist Baker
It’s a great day, friends! Two of our favorite things have come together to create a new and delicious drink: The Golden Matcha Latte! After trying alllll the different dairy-free milks and various...


i am a food blog 12/30 9:00P Stephanie
Tteokbokki is probably THE most famous street food from Korea: chewy rice cakes simmered in an addictive mix of sweet, savory, spicy sauce.

russian napoleon

Smitten Kitchen 12/30 4:52A deb
This cake is a Russian New Year s Eve tradition, and therefore no, this recipe I ve been promising to share for 15 years isn t late, rolling up here with a mere 36 hours left in the year, it s exactly...
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