Soup Series Wrap-Up

Pinch of Yum 10/22 3:37A Lindsay
Alright, team. The time has come. It s our Soup Series wrap-up! I am Minnesotan through and through, and when the weather turns, I make soup AT LEAST 2-3 times per week. Not an exaggeration. I feel...

Pumpkin Coffee Cake

Gimme Some Oven 10/21 11:52P Ali
The ultimate pumpkin coffee cake recipe topped with a crunchy streusel and cream cheese drizzle, and perfectly cozy and delicious. If you ask me, there s nothing better on a crisp fall morning than...

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Pinch of Yum 10/19 11:00P Team Pinch of Yum
It s hard to take a parade around Soup Town without a quick jaunt through everyone s favorite smoky, scoopy, top-able chicken tortilla soup. Thin, but not too brothy. Just enough to stand up to deep, cozy spoonfuls and piles on piles on piles of...

Gluten-Free Biscotti with Ginger & Chocolate

Minimalist Baker 10/19 10:00P Dana @ Minimalist Baker
Surely we’re not the only ones who first experienced biscotti as kids, secretly stolen out of an old tin at grandma’s house? Oh, the memories. Well, prepare to be transported, friends, because these...

Pumpkin Soup with Walnut Crispies

Pinch of Yum 10/17 11:00P Team Pinch of Yum
If a lush, beautiful, creamy and deeply delicious pumpkin something isn t gracing your table, did fall even happen? Does the Soup Series even count if you didn t slowly stir through this velvety, rich, golden little number? Well, we re here to...

Chili Lime Roasted Pepitas (5 Ingredients!)

Minimalist Baker 10/17 10:00P Dana @ Minimalist Baker
Friends, do you ever wonder how restaurants transform seemingly simple salads and bowls into beautiful and complex dishes? Delicious dressings are one part of the answer, and crunchy toppings are the...

Dalgona Candy

i am a food blog 10/16 9:05P Stephanie
Every tip and trick you need to make perfect dalgona candy.

Healing Chicken and Rice Soup

Pinch of Yum 10/14 11:00P Lindsay
Things I want you to know about healing chicken and rice soup: it is limey, salty, and so fresh. It s super satisfying thanks to juicy and garlic-ginger-infused chicken thighs and tender jasmine rice, and it can be (read: should be) loaded with...

Crispy Rice

i am a food blog 10/14 9:05P Stephanie
How to make gorgeous, nutty, satisfying crispy rice cakes topped with spicy tuna or salmon.

winter squash and spinach pasta bake

Smitten Kitchen 10/14 6:33A deb
I am in awe of people who can make a meal plan, repeating many favorite dishes weekly or several times a year, knowing that they love what they love. Because I m not: I like shiny new recipes. My...

Sopa Tarasca (Pinto Bean Soup) with Jalapeño Corn Fritters

Pinch of Yum 10/12 11:00P Team Pinch of Yum
This soup is a hug in a bowl. It s got a tomato and pinto bean base, with warm chili spices, a creamy silky thickness and once you add in that generous pile of crispy, sweet, spicy melt-in-your-mouth corn fritters on top, the whole thing is going...

Butternut Squash Lasagna (Vegan, GF Optional)

Minimalist Baker 10/12 10:00P Dana @ Minimalist Baker
One of our all-time favorite fall vegetables is the ever-versatile butternut squash! And after you try this lasagna, you’ll see why. What started as an attempt at gluten-free ravioli turned into...

Peppery Torn Homemade Croutons

Pinch of Yum 10/11 11:00P Team Pinch of Yum
We kindly ask, what even is The Soup Series without hand-torn, rugged, homemade crouton chonks to pile high into those cozy steaming bowls of fall weather goodness? These bites are toasty, chewy, and saturated with big flavor from the fresh...

Lemongrass Coconut Noodles with Shrimp

Gimme Some Oven 10/10 11:45P Ali
This Thai-inspired noodle stir-fry is tossed with fresh veggies, tender shrimp, and a zesty lemongrass coconut sauce. Easy to make and full the best bright and citrusy flavors! Say hello to the...
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